Holiday - Keep Calm & Pick Gifts Holiday - Keep Calm & Pick Gifts

How to Participate

Create a 2D digital work together with MSI logo and MSI Lucky provided, to create a very own Christmas design. Design Assets download
Post your design to Facebook & Instagram, and set the post as public.
*We will use hashtags to track your posts. Please set the posts public; otherwise, we will not be able to track them.
During posting, kindly include these hashtags: #MSIChristmasWithLucky #MSIMYContentCreator
Voting by the public. Collect as many “LIKE” on your post as you can. You may share it multiple times across different channels, but only the post with the most Likes will be counted.
*Winner will be selected and announce on 24th December 2020


  • There will be 3 winners in this campaign. Winners will be selected based on the highest likes they get in this campaign in total.
  • Whoever has the highest likes of this campaign, MSI MY will have the rights to use their artwork to post on social media with their artwork during Christmas period and credit the champion name along the post.
  • 3 winners to be selected :
Modern 14
Modern 14
1st Runner Up
MSI VIGOR GK30 + Clutch GM70 Gaming Mouse
MSI VIGOR GK30 + Clutch GM70 Gaming Mouse
2nd Runner Up
Lucky Plushie
Lucky Plushie


  • Participants will need to submit their artwork to MSI representative.
  • Once the artwork submitted, MSI representative will upload to landing page and let people to vote.
  • Once artwork has been uploaded to landing page, participants may require to ask friends / family to like their artwork in order to win the contest

Rating System

Number of total likes of your post40%
Post Creativity60%
  • Total likes : Based on the total likes that participant gets, participants may do multiple share to ask supporters to vote.
  • Post Creativity :Judge by MSI personnel, judging by the post creativity in order to have a fair contest.