Since the GPU shortage may continue throughout 2021, it may still be a challenge for people who wish to build a gaming PC to acquire a graphics card. This is especially annoying if you're in a hurry or you've been waiting for the shortage to loosen up for a while already.

This begs the question of whether or not you'll be able to play games with the integrated graphics of a CPU?
It’s not a surprise that a graphics card is a must-have for playing popular high-end games. High-end games are quite a challenge for a system without a powerful graphics card. If the GPU shortage continues, can Intel Integrated Graphics help? Which games can Intel integrated graphics run?

Playable PC Games on Intel UHD Graphics 750

Intel 11th Gen Core Processors are equipped with UHD Graphics 730 or UHD Graphics 750. Is UHD Graphics 750 capable of playing popular AAA games smoothly? What kind of games are playable for a UHD Graphics 750?

For most popular high-end games, you have to sacrifice quality and resolution for acceptable FPS. Take Intel Core i5-11600 with integrated UHD Graphics 750 for example. The resolution must be lowered to 1280 x 720 with the lowest quality to achieve playable 30FPS. But it can run some MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and some classic FPS games such as CS: GO.

If you’d like to know whether Intel UHD Graphics 750 can run your favorite games before building a system with only Integrated Graphics, here are two places you should visit:

1. Intel Gameplay
Here you can find the playable games and suggested settings for Intel integrated graphics. Although the latest UHD Graphics 730/750 information is not available yet, it’s still worth a visit to see how Intel integrated graphics performs with popular games.

Intel Gameplay

Intel Gameplay

2. Benchmarks Channel on YouTube
Benchmarks channel has abundant game benchmark results with different graphics cards and integrated graphics, including the latest UHD Graphics 730 and 750 for 11th Gen Intel Processors.

Here you can see the real game plays and what FPS can be achieved with Intel UHD Graphics 750.

Benchmarks Channel on YouTube

MSI App Player - Playing Android games on UHD Graphics 750

In addition to PC games, Android games might be another good choice for Intel UHD Graphics. If you’d like to enjoy Android games on a PC, an Android emulator such as MSI App Player is what you need.

MSI App Player is based on BlueStacks, one of the most popular Android emulators, and it enables users to enjoy quality Android games on PCs. It offers a seamless gaming experience between mobile and PC and more:
● Higher frame rate. It supports up to 240 FPS.
● Playing multiple games at once.
● Playing Android games via keyboard, mouse, and game controller.
● Console Mode -Play Mobile Games as Console with Controller

Intel UHD Graphics 750 can run most Android games smoothly with high FPS. If you’re an Android game lover, it’s a good choice to play Android games on Intel UHD Graphics.

Intel UHD Graphics 750 can run most Android games

Intel UHD Graphics 750 can run most Android games

Intel UHD Graphics 750 can run most Android games

As the GPU chip shortage is expected to continue for a while, it will be difficult to buy a graphics card for your gaming system. Integrated graphics can be sufficient before the GPU supply go back to normal depending on the games you play. You can still enjoy some PC games and Android games with Integrated Graphics.