Play “PUBG” with 3 Displays Surround Mode on GT75/GT83 Gaming Notebooks! As we know that msi gt series gaming notebooks are offering the most powerful and packing most gaming features models in the market, but not everyone knows the gt73, gt75 and gt83 series are able to make 3+1 display with 4k [...]
MSI Dedicated to Gaming Industry & Community. The ESL One 2018 Official Gaming Partner. [taipei, taiwan] esl one genting 2018 held in kuala lumpur finally ended and newbee won the championship. msi, the world leading gaming brand, was the only gaming partner of this great tournament to exclusively provide the gaming rigs for esports teams. [...]
Experience the Ancient Egypt with MSI GE63VR GTX 1060 series Have you ever climb the great pyramid, sphinx, and sail down the nile river to enjoy the nice view? or take a walk in the ancient temple with hundreds pillars, wander down the aging tomb with tons of character paintings [...]
MSI GP62/GL62 of GTX1060 gaming notebooks up to 41% Faster than Other GTX1060 Max-Q NBs! Many msi fans might know that msi gaming notebooks always got best cooling design even on its gp,gl,gf and gv gaming notebook series, this time we tested the gp62mvr 7rf with geforce gtx1060 3gb gddr5 graphics to [...]
Outstanding Design and Performance - Deep Look into New MSI GE63VR 7RF Raider Authorized by windwithme over the recent years, msi has been focusing on the high level and mid-range gaming marketing with 3 main series: the finest is the gt series that pursues maximum performance; the 2nd is the gs series with its [...]
How smooth do FPS games run on GT75VR Titan Pro? "msi's gt75vr titan series have greater gaming power and better features upgraded. let's try it on 3 popular fps game titles to know the capability of gt75vr titan pro.
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