2018 Grand League V3

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Saturday 03-03


MSI Biggest Store in the world... Located in Kuala Lumpur is here to give you RM100,000 total prize pool, Grand League is here!!

********Grand League v3 ********

Official landing page:

********Grand League v3 ********
Details will be updated:
March 3-4: CSGO live tournament (Online Qualifier)
March 10-11 : DOTA2 live tournament (Online Qualifier)
March 17-18 : Overwatch live tournament (Online Qualifier)
March 24-25 : Semi Final & Final Lan DOTA2 & CSGO & Overwatch & Street Fighter tournament

Check in time at discord: 9.30am-10.00am or 10.00am-10.30am( will be confirmed once brackets have been generate)

********Grand League v3 ********
Registration link below:




Street Fighter:

Discord link is as below. Please join the discord link

Dota2: https://discord.gg/XVMKgUn
CSGO: https://discord.gg/5BfM6j3
Overwatch: https://discord.gg/4Aur8af
Street Fighter: https://discord.gg/fbuwnR8

Please take note that first tier teams are all banned from joining this tournament.

Notice for International teams: Please be advised that travel and accommodation to the LAN Finals are not covered by the organizers. If you participate in the online qualifiers and secure a LAN slot, you are expected to attend the Semi Finals in Kuala Lumpur. If your team is unable to do so, your team and its registered lineup may be barred from participating in the rest of the Grand League.

Total cash prize pool RM 100,000!!!
********Grand League v2 ********
Main Sponsor:
MSI Gaming
SNS network


3 March 2018 - 25 March 2018

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