MSI Closing of the Year 2017 with MSI Grand League v1

Lastest Updated: Thu, 04 Jan 2018

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] Malaysia electronic sports (esports) gaming market rapidly gain popularity in the past year. Now MSI is steeping up the community and making it much bigger and more entertaining for players and fans in Malaysia with MSI X SNS Grand League, which just happen on last weekend 30-31st December 2017






Fans and Gamers compete each other at their best game in the newly open MSI concept store just opposite of the crowded ICT computer market; Plaza Low Yat with game such as Overwatch,

Dota2, CS:GO (Counter Strike GO), and Street Fighters V. Winners are:-


Dota2 Winners:

 Champion : Team Highground

1st Runner up: Team Fire Dragoon

2nd Runner up: Team Lunatic


CSGO Winners:

Champion: Team Anthrax

1st Runner up: Virtual Genesis

2nd Runner up: Velspro Ginzo


Overwatch Winners:

Champion: Team Ruukee

1st Runner up : Team Scrubber


Street Fighters V Winners:

Champion: IamChuan

1st Runner up:  VS.AMG|FV NekoXX

2nd Runner up: VS.AMG|FV Hentai_Tail


The MSI X SNS Grand League  V.1 ended with a bang where MSI and players celebrate together for New Year with pizzas and drinks, enjoying their moment just after their heated battle against each other. 







Although the 1st MSI x SNS Grand League just ended, but be sure to join the next Grand League which will commence on every month and the Grand Finale match will be held on June 2018 with a total prize pool of RM40, 000!

MSI Grand League v1 in 2017