msi monitors - MPG 491CQP QD-OLED / MPG 321URX QD-OLED

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About Gaming Monitors


Conventional LCD

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Quantum Dot technology enhances images with over one billion colors, each optimized for clarity by our intelligent processor. MSI's OLED Care includes screen protection mechanisms to prevent burn-in and offers a 3-year warranty for QD-OLED series products.

Immersive Gaming

Elevate your gaming experience with MSI gaming monitors supporting 4K resolution. Immerse yourself in larger game scenes for captivating gameplay. The rapid 240Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms response time excels in fast-paced genres.


The True Black

The MSI gaming monitor features HDR technology that can display images with more details, a wider range of colors, and a more realistic appearance compared to traditional monitors. With pixel-level dimming, the QD-OLED Monitor offers improved contrast and color performance, resulting in accurate, vivid, and lifelike visuals.

Gaming Intelligence APP

Simplify monitor setup with the Gaming Intelligence APP. Customize settings, switch games effortlessly with hotkeys, and activate Night Vision or Smart Cross Hair for ultimate gaming success. Take full control of your gaming experience with this user-friendly app.


*The actual software interface and function specifications will vary depending on the software version and monitor model.

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Control multiple devices via one set of keyboard, mouse, and MSI gaming monitor.